14 Aralık 2010 Salı

Chrome os laptop

Google chrome OS there, it will probably be the next logical step in the development of operating systems: a rich edge-based footprint for Web centric computing. If your recently unveiled unified messaging environment combined with Google wave, OS will provide a rather unique and attractive user experience chrome. Some significant performance benefits to offer Windows vs. extend clean open Web standard support - without the need for all legacy support by providing a stripped-down set of local services, should the chrome OS. Here's what said recent announcement Google about it on your own:

Speed, simplicity and security are the most important aspects of Google chrome OS. We design the OS to quickly and easily start and get on the Web in a few seconds. The user interface is minimal to stay your way, and most of the user experience finds on the Web. And as we for the Google chrome browser, we go redesigning the underlying security of the operating system architecture back to the basics and completely so that users with viruses, malware and security updates. It should just work.

I have no doubt that Google trying to make a pretty complete solution out of the box chrome OS. You can certainly roll all your own Web applications with 3rd party popular web applications, the most important functions cover people look would have if you turn on a system. I also expect Google to expand your Android "App Store" and fold it is this new OS. This left download new applications and install as browser plug-in the instead of the traditional Windows applications. If Google, that offer simplicity with "instant on" functionality can combine a chrome OS clearly differentiated computing model from the "old school"-operating systems.

This is an exciting and important step from Google. Microsoft "Windows" is the Crown Jewel of the tech industry franchises. Even for a company the size of Google, access only a small piece of the market share overall Windows - even overlapping pieces - be significant. Chrome OS has a lot of potential.


The move to a Web-centric operation correctly and even inevitably seem conceptual, Google has many challenges to overcome, if you want to make chrome OS a success:

* Time to market: Chrome OS are not out for another year. In technology circles is a year forever. Neither Microsoft nor Apple are passively waiting for this. Windows 7 NetBook systems should support in the location, and more from the Office suite will be available, web-based applications. Apple has already called for a large part of this mobile Web space with your iPhone and are probably a new device this year probably OS appeal targeting the same audience chrome, is releasing. And innovation continue to come from every corner.
* The market momentum: Windows is everywhere. People are comfortable with it and pretty much you know how to work it. For all it well published questions, it is the devil that everyone already knows. Have a chance at something people it's hard to take, and Google will need provide more than a field of dreams' marketing strategy, if you want any mind share/traction with chrome OS to get. Unfortunately this is no area the you as particularly adroit in have shown.
* Mobile connectivity: everyone that everyone depends on the U.S. wireless carriers, mobile data services already know just how badly service can be in some places. If I had a hard drive as unreliable as was these services, I would need to replace. The Web of my new "hard drive" is in mobile, Internet-centric computing device. It is, where I mean data Save and load my applications. To overcome this Google must provide a system that presents a meaningful degree of functionality even if users from the Internet are separated or connectivity is intermittent.
* Device support: beyond anything else could this be the success or failure element for chrome OS. People have significant investments in all types of devices: printers, phones, cameras, media players, etc. If Google can't find a way to support ready for the most popular of these devices by the time it launches, it will be at the end is just an interesting experiment that most people ignore. And it must do without chrome OS a slow start or virus prone chaos to do.